T.M. Caruana

Your life is your dream

Penelope – Gibraltar girl with a twirl

A charming rhyming children’s book featuring a four year old girl’s development and learning. Penelope experiences everyday life on the Rock of Gibraltar with her family as she enjoys new adventures and overcomes her fears.

* The book contains some illustrations from the author’s four year old daughter, Penelope, who is the inspiration for this book.

Food Frenzy

Twelve competitors are enticed into a highly classified governmental experiment by a cash prize of £500,000. The rules are simple; enter a fully stocked supermarket, with permission to consume its products, without announcing your starving surrender.

What they don’t know is that the expensive government project ‘Green Skyway’, is at stake. To prove its viability the two opposing sides try to prove their own theory by illustrating the world’s future in a micro environmental model.

The competition steps up to a whole new level as death falls upon the competitors and everyone is forced to learn of their own animalistic instincts.

Arakzeon City

Arakzeon City, a peaceful society where the Navitians and the Emphulettes live in harmony, after having made the Wiccors extinct, takes an ugly turn for the worse.

Marcus is an Emphulette and the son of Mayor Gustus Gravelleli, a man who has dedicated his life to politics and has this year decided to run for President. Having criticised controversial views on the two remaining races’ ability to coexist, Marcus remains but only a shadow in supporting his father’s career, especially as his childhood crush, Megan, is Navitian.

What he doesn’t know is that Megan carries a secret, a fatal secret that would not be safe in Marcus’s hands. A secret that could keep them apart forever.

Science Series

The Science Series revolves around the story of Susy, a woman holding the key to the balance of life. The novel plays on the notion that all events in life happen for a reason in order to balance out into a stable environment. Actions have counter actions and so have attractions to physical people. In a world of good and evil it is hard to stay balanced between yourself and the person you love, which leads the heroines in these stories to sway from the righteous path, where prophecies and sins have long been ignored to the detriment of the energies of the worlds. Although a masterplan has been forged to ensure life as we know it continues, this romance, fantasy and adventure tale tells how the ultimate sacrifice of physical love can’t be underestimated – Love conquers all!

Everything turns out as is should in the end!

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