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Erika’s art designs are one of a kind, when it has been sold they are removed and never sold again. When you buy art from Erika Elmefors you buy the image file and all the rights are transferred to the purchaser.



Artwork Name: The ring of the Thorn Rose Garden
Ref No. TMC101 – £160 / SEK 2,000


This book cover image features a golden ring hanging from one of the branches in a thorny rose bush.

Erika Elmefors designed this image for an author with an enchanting love or adventure story in mind. This elegant book cover features a carefully worked rose to bring out the element of hope in between the troublesome thrones. There is also a bird sitting on one of the branches, which can symbolise peace or perhaps a spirit living on.










Artwork Name: The Cursed Dragon Heir
Ref No. TMC102 – £80 / SEK 1,000


This book cover image features a magical glimmering dragon egg lost in grass of a since lost world. The mother dragon is searching her heir through the darkening violet sky.

Erika Elmefors designed this image for an author that perhaps tells a story about a dark curse, which can only be broken by a brave knight. Touched by the love of dragons the knight gather all his strength for the final battle that must bring down a dystopian rule of a land that once was free. Protective dragons, forbidden love and dark magic will all be either his strength or what brings down his defeat.









Artwork Name: The never found sea creature
Ref No. TMC103 – £80 / SEK 1,000


This book cover image features a dazzling sea creature, swimming in the shallow tropical shores. The magical fish can inspire a mythical tale of the never found treasure or a rare collectable species desired by many, but caught by few.

Erika Elmefors designed this image for an author that perhaps tells a story about an eternal life prophecy, which can only be granted by those who deserve it. The battle between the deserving and the undeserving could be a fine line when one is taken hostage by the other to retrieve ever lasting life source.








If you want to see more of Erika Elmefors’s designs you can visit her Selfpubbookcovers page.



Product description: The purchase will include a JPEG image (A PDF and PNG can be supplied upon request), however if you would like your cover personalised with your Author Name and Book Title there will be a £20 extra charge. Erika Elmefors also makes custom made covers for a £180/SEK 2,200 charge. If you like to purchase an already made cover but also wish to add an element to make it link better to your story this can be done to an extra charge of £20 (subject to how much time is required on the additional art).


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