I love reading and what better than to share my experiences with you. I have therefore decided to start this review feature on my website. To make it more fun I have created my own award system. It is of course completely unofficial business where my judgement is my opinion entirely. If you want to read about the criteria for the T.M. Caruana Award you can find it here. Please also take note of my content symbols guide. If you are an author who wishes to have a feature below you can send me a Facebook PM, introducing yourself and your work with an enclosed link to the book you are referring to. As fantasy is my favourite genre I will only make reviews where the book has an element of supernatural beings and preferably there would be a forbidden or undying love dilemma. As we authors all understand, there are many who would like a free review and hence I will not be able to read and review all submissions. I will however, try to answer everyone that contacts me.


Authors and their books

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