Message & Symbolism

This category is judged by the importance, relevance and innovation of the book’s message. It will also consider the way the message is portrayed or delivered. This can be through the way the script is written, the way the characters speak, or the portrayal of the interaction of the people/creatures in the story and their behaviour in their environment.


Creatures & Environment

This category is judged by the imagination displayed in the world building and level of description of its inhabitants. Scoring will be based on the creativity of the supernatural items and the rules permitting or prohibiting the use of these components.


Captivation & Continuity

This category is judged by the story’s ability to hold the reader’s attention. The story should have page-turning plot lines with twists and turns that leave every chapter on a cliffhanger. The story will be judged on continuity of the red thread and where supernatural abilities apply equally in like for like circumstances.


Language & Flow

This category is judged by the complexity and vocabulary of the script. The story will be scored higher if the flow is constant and smooth. Foul language and vulgar use of words will not be scored highly if used excessively other than to make specific characters come to life.


Each Category is awarded with points ranging from 3 to 5 points. This will add up to one of the awards in the Award Schedule below. If the book does not score at least 12 points it will not be reviewed.

The Eternal Flame award will be given to books that are totally awesome and that I feel deserve more than 20 Points. These books, I believe, will eternally be considered as a great read! 

Award Schedule


Score Card


Marie Rutkoski – A Winner’s Kiss (Read / Watch)

Margit Sandemo – Spellbound (Read / Watch)

Mirage F & Amaral G – The 3rd Planet (Read / Watch)

E.L. James – 50 Shades of Grey trilogy (Read / Watch)

Miles Hudson – 2089 (Read / Watch)

Dan Brown – The Lost Symbol (Read / Watch)

Dan Brown – Inferno (Read / Watch)

Ditter Kellen – Torn (Read / Watch)

Jenna Wolfhart – Innocent until Proven Fae (Read / Watch)

Isaac Asimov – Foundation (Read / Watch)

Claire Marta – Frostbite (Read / Watch)

Angela Sanders – Winds of Change (Read / Watch)

Vanessa Wester – Evolution Trilogy (Read / Watch)

Jenna Wolfhart – Dead Fae Walking (Read / Watch)

Erin Morgenstern – The Night Circus (Read / Watch)

Nikki Landis – Dark Promise (Read / Watch)

Katerina Martinez and Tansey Morgan – Demons and Deception (Read / Watch)

Lexi C. Foss – Son of Chaos (Read / Watch)

Katerina Martinez – Magick Reborn (Read / Watch)

Katerina Martinez – Dark Siren (Read / Watch)

Stephenie Meyer – Twilight Saga Trilogy (Read / Watch)

Dan Brown – Angels and Demons (Read / Watch)

Jenna Wolfhart – One Fae in the Grave (Read / Watch)

Heather Marie Adkins – Wiccan Wars (Read / Watch)

Rebecca Hamilton – The Forever Girl (Read / Watch)

Deborah Harkness – All Souls Trilogy (Read / Watch)

Jenna Moreci – The Savior’s Champion (Read / Watch)

Patrick Rothfuss – The Name of the Wind (Read / Watch)

Lexi C. Foss – Forbidden Bonds (Read / Watch)

Lexi C. Foss – Blood Hearts (Read / Watch)

Sheri-Lynn Marean – Saberthorn (Read / Watch)

Brandon Sanderson – Elantris (Read / Watch)

Jenna Wolfhart – Live Fae or Die Trying (Read / Watch)

Lexi C. Foss – Blood Laws (Read / Watch)

J.R.R Tolkien – The Hobbit (Read / Watch)

Suzanne Collins – Hunger Games Trilogy (Read / Watch)

Dan Brown – The Da Vinci Code (Read / Watch)

Sheri-Lynn Marean – Primalthorn (Read / Watch)

P.E. Younglibby – The Mute Prince Jaglandor (Read / Watch)

P.J. Berman – Vengeance of Hope (Read / Watch)

Terry Goodkind – The Stone of Tears (Read / Watch)

Terry Goodkind – Wizard’s First Rule (Read / Watch)

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