Symmetry Audio Book Teaser (The Science Series #1)



Symmetry Book Trailer (The Science Series #1)




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Mystery, passion, magic and the fringes of science fiction meld together in Symmetry, the new novel from author Therese Caruana. An original telling of an apocalypse foretold and an enlightening quest that sees her young protagonist questioning the facts and fictions of her known world. It’s an ambitious tale, both in terms of scope and action that Caruana tells with confidence. Her characters are aptly formed and interesting in their roles with her main protagonists subtly conveying their otherworldly origins through multiple narratives and perspectives. It is certainly an intriguing read, with her judicious use of poetry and biblical reference adding a beguiling depth of mystery. A read that doesn’t suffer from complexity of plot, which is easy to envisage and might easily be transitioned to wider mediums. 

Written as the first book in her Science series, Symmetry marks a notable debut for author Therese Caruana and is sure to spark interest in her coming books. It is definitely recommended. In the spotlight.

Elena Scialtiel

Constructed around the pentagram and the number seven, Therese Caruana’s biopic fantasy and romance novel features an imaginative cosmology based on the colours of the rainbow, the chakras and the primal elements, in which the seven worlds crystallize around a female deity who is simultaneously finite and infinite, mortal and eternal.

An ingenious attempt to reconcile science and religion, the action-packed plot follows the adventures of Susy, her friends and foes in a race against tie to stop the evil Wicca Euthycia to bank on the prophecies hidden in various Bible verses as well as Shakespeare’s sonnets, while the clock inexorably ticks toward Myan apocalypse. Not everything is as it seems for these multifaceted heroes often are faced with the dilemma of where the thin line between good and evil is drawn. Sometimes some kind of hitter agenda seems to fuel their shape-shifting, swashbuckling bravery.

However ‘love conquers all’, according to Susy’s primary motto and ‘everything turns out as it should at the end’ – otherwise it wouldn’t be the end, as she wisely philosophises. ‘Love’ is not necessarily intended as romantic love but the force that glues together the universe – and in this case the truism is truer than ever; love makes the world go round.

The Gibraltar Magazine – May 2014


Kay Bees Bookshelf

This story was not my normal read. I’m no expert when it comes to fantasy fiction, much less science fiction. This author appears to have combined both into an imaginative tale of young Susy who spent too much time on earth. Her stay not only affected the earth but her powers & memory as well. The author did a solid job of setting up this series, the overall plot and introducing the characters to us. It doesn’t take long for the story to pick up in action so you’ll need to pay attention. Suzy is struggling as are the Knights once it is realized she’s lost more than originally thought. An Oracle’s prediction sets the tone midway through the book. This book also contains a love story. Nina’s outcome was heartbreaking and like the rest of the book well-written. I wonder what is next in the series.




“The book ‘Symmetry’ was an incredibly imaginative story which I could not put down. The story engrossed my mind through its seven different worlds, characters and their unique powers and traits. The adventure did not disappoint when it came to either love or action. I would recommend this book to any fantasy lover.”


“I really enjoyed the mystery within the book ‘Symmetry’ where Susy’s relationship to the other characters unfolded as the events took place. The story line was difficult to predict which kept me excited all the way to the end. I would love to see this book come to life in a movie and I am also keen to get my hands on the sequel.”


“’Symmetry’ is a page turner. Well written and exciting from the very first page! I can’t put this book down. Although I’m still reading the book I can’t wait for the next chapter of this surprising, exhilarating and powerful story. I wouldn’t think twice, if you want to read something original and entertaining this is the book for you!”


“Therese’s first novel ‘Symmetry’ is a fast-paced work with memorable characters. It is the product of a vivid imagination and there are indications that she will develop into a confident novelist in the future. Fans will surely be thrilled at the prospect of reading further books from this original author.”


“I am a big fanatic of fantasy books. When I started to read ‘Symmetry’ it immediately had me hooked as I connected with the characters and without a doubt I knew it was a book for me. The story line constantly keeps evolving in new twists and adventures and it also left room for me to use my own imagination. I really hope there will come out a sequel to this story!”


“The characters are enthralling and Susy’s adventure with the members of the Knight Order is exciting, fresh and captivating. This book has it all; Science, passion, mystery and above all, an ever evolving story line.

The quest in the Overgrown Forest was my personal favourite part of the book.

A highly recommended read.”


“The book ‘Symmetry’ is intelligently written and scientific knowledge is interwoven in such a way that it has you wondering if the fictional scenario could actually be real life. What does Susy know about the end of the world? The narrative makes empathizing with the characters come naturally. It proved to be an enjoyable read that I would happily recommend to others.”

Mr. R.B. Cropper

“Symmetry is a great read which mixes an abundance of themes throughout the story mixing real life past events with science and fantasy to create a memorable adventure. Furthermore the use of poetry, prophecies, and emotions such as love, jealousy, hatred and anger help to develop the characters and storyline as you reach the climatic ending.

The worlds and places you travel to as your read the book are incredible too. Some scenes such as the forest of the 7 deadly sins were original and extremely well written and were perhaps my favourite part of the book. Learning about the various power stones, the guardians, their history, the powers of the characters and how each world affects them – there is so much to take from this novel.”


“I found Symmetry to be an imaginative SF Fantasy. I expect plenty of action from a book in this genre and believable world building and I got both. The characters created by the author were certainly interesting and the motivations for those crossing into our world well thought through with a plot that keeps you guessing to the end.”


“Symmetry is what I like about fantasy fiction. It is imaginative, has lots of action and the characters are really colourful. This is apparently the start of a new series and if this first book is anything to go by I can see it becoming very popular.

I can’t see it is wholly original as a theme, but it is really well written and held my attention all the way through with some unique twists that really stand out. I am hoping there will be another one very soon.”


“Symmetry was quite a quick read for me. I got so absorbed in it that time simply flew by. It is a an original mix of Science Fiction and fantasy which I thought was really clever. This is the start of a new series and if the first book is anything to go by I am very much looking forward to the rest.”


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