A simple mission turns deadly as the Daughter of Death is kidnapped by an old enemy seeking revenge. Now it’s up to me to find her and I will kill anyone who steps in my path.

The Son of Chaos isn’t playing. I’m armed, I’m pissed, and I want my Evangeline back. It’s time for Heaven and Hell to meet the real Archangel inside of me. Everyone will pay. Many will die. Silver will slay.

And a new power will ascend from the Shadows…


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A sensual dance around each other until one declares the other more powerful turns irrelevant if Xai has to imagine his life without Eve. This book commences with an appealing rule of the time paradigm of Heaven, Earth and Hell. It leads onto a battle exuding with sex-appeal and finishes with a determined fate. Then there are the emotions that are in-between. No woman on Earth can oppose the idea of wanting to steel Xai away from Eve. He is all the man one would want. Eve is a strong, indestructible pillar to Xai, who every woman would want to be. Together, they are the base for this captivating story. This is a heart soaring, mind boggling and seductive tale that one shouldn’t miss.











Award Scoring

Message & Moral

3 points

Always kill the bad guy when you have the chance. Eliminate what stands in your way to a happily ever after with your true mate. Taking down the bad guys, who are attempting to destroy the world is not a unique storyline, but that isn’t to say that it doesn’t pave the way for an appealing story. With a determined daughter of death and a ferocious son of chaos the bad guys should’t come out to play. If they do, they have to have their strategies well thought out. The question is if they have…


Creatures & Environment

4 points

A kick-ass and sleek female heroine engages with the seductive Casanova dark angel, can it be any better? I enjoyed the descriptions of the characters and my favourite quote, “you smell like battle. My favourite smell”, is such a simple phrase, yet paints such a vivid picture. Eve knew Xai had gone to great lengths to defend her, depriving her of action she would have wanted in on and it signified the brand that made them work as a couple.


Captivation & Continuity

4 points

It starts with an immediately intriguing concept explaining how the time paradigm works comparing Heaven, Earth and Hell. Hereafter the intrigues just keeps coming. A sensual dance where the hero attempts to lecture the stubborn and own-willed heroine and where physical harm isn’t off bounce. It’s sexy and it is intense. And their affection keeps being demonstrated throughout the book.


Language & Flow

4 points

The language isn’t for the prudes and the faint hearted. Lexi doesn’t shy away from giving the reader the complete experience of the love-birds’ action. The book is written in first person and alternates between Xai and Eve, making for an intriguing read where sympathy is built up from both parties’s perspectives.









T.M. Caruana’s Philosopher’s Stone Award







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