Acheri – A ghost or spirit of a little girl who was either murdered or abused and left to die.


Aegean – A most gorgeous, loving and fun girl with an overly protective father.


Aeromancer – Magic to do with the element of Air.


Anatomist – Magic to do with the body and physiology such as healing and alteration.


Alchemist – A maker of potions, lotions.


Angel – A spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe.


Akashan – A mystical, spiritual substance where “memories” are stored since the beginning of time.


Archangel – An Angel with high rank.


Archdemon – A demon prominent in the infernal hierarchy as a leader of demons

One common medieval classification associate the seven deadly sins with the below demons:


Lucifer: pride

Mammon: greed

Asmodeus: lust

Leviathan: envy

Beelzebub: gluttony

Satan: wrath

Belphegor: sloth


Banshee – A female entity that heralds a death by groaning and screaming.


Battlemage – A wizard who specialises in combat magics.


A black dog – A hellhound and a portent of death. It is larger than a normal dog and has large, glowing eyes.


Black-eyed demon – Are the minions of Hell


Cerberus – The guardian of Hades and is usually described as a bizarre-looking monster that looks like a dog with three heads and a tail whose end is a dragon’s head.


Cambion – The offspring of an incubus or succubus and a human, or of an incubus and succubus.


Changelings– Fairy children who have been left in the place of stolen human babies.


Chupacabra – A blood sucking creature with an appearance similar to a dog or a lizard man.


Crossroad demon – Gives humans what ever they desire and want in exchange for their soul.


Cryptomancer – Divination with words, secret signs, wards, runes.


Crystal children – Have traits of spiritual healing powers and psychic abilities, empathic and sensitive.


Cyclops – One of a race of giants having a single eye in the middle of the forehead.


Dargarian – He is the keeper of a large citadel and former owner of a powerful orb.


Dhampir – A creature that is the result of a union between a vampire and a human. This union was usually between male vampires and female humans, with stories of female vampires mating with male humans being rare


Death Birds – Are mysterious creatures that are in fact a variety of bat that has a penchant for human blood.


Demigod – A minor deity, or a mortal or immortal who is the offspring of a god and a human, or a figure who has attained divine status after death.


Demon – An evil spirit; a source or agent of evil, harm, distress or ruin. Hierarch of the Goetia is King, Duke, Prince, Marquise, Count, Knight, President.


Dragon – An animal that can breathe out fire and looks like a very large lizard with wings, a long tail, and large claws.


Draugr – A a zombie that has the putrid smell of the dead and is amazingly powerful. It was believed that they could eat humans, drink blood, and had the power to play mind-games and drive people insane.


Drude – A kind of malevolent nocturnal spirit associated with nightmares. They participated in the Wild Hunt and were considered a particular class of demon


Dwarf – A human-shaped entity that dwells in mountains and in the earth, and is variously associated with wisdom, smithing, mining, and crafting.


Dweller – A creepy, socially awkward male who dwells continuously with other dwellers. A Dweller is easily recognizable as lonely and desperate for female attention of any kind.


Dover Demon – A peculiar entity with glowing orange eyes, one metre high, with rough, peach coloured, hairless, skin. It has a disproportionately large head in comparison to its body. Its legs and arms are reported as being long and thin, with slender and supple fingers.


Elf- A small fairy, usually lively mischievous or malicious person.


Empath – A spellcaster who can broadcast or receive emotions.


Enchanter – magic primarily affects the mind, illusions


Faes- or fairy, is a mythical creatures often good, pale-skinned creatures with green eyes. They often have an unbelievable beauty, wings, and are short in stature.


Fairy- A mythical being of folklore having diminutive human form and magic powers.


Fallen Host – Angels that have fallen from God’s grace.


Fallen Angel – Angels who were expelled from Heaven. They are angels who has sinned and are often malevolent towards humanity.


Fledgling – a person who has been marked to become a vampire, but has yet completed the change.


Furies – Female deities of vengeance, “infernal goddesses” “the Erinyes, that under earth take vengeance on men, whosoever hath sworn a false oath.”


Genie – A spirit depicted traditionally be imprisoned within a bottle or oil lamp, and capable of granting wishes when summoned.


Geomancer – Magic to do with the element of Earth.


Ghost- A disembodied soul of a dead person believed to be an inhabitant of the unseen world or to appear to the living in bodily likeness.


Ghoul – an evil spirit or phantom, especially one supposed to rob graves and feed on dead bodies.


Giant – An imaginary or mythical being of human form but superhuman size.


Gnome – Are lost souls doomed to walk the earth until they finally disappear.  They have also been described as fallen angels or elemental nature spirits, inhabiting a different dimension from our physical world.  Some believe that they are visible thought forms that are mentally projected.


Griffin – A mythical animal typically having the head, forepart, and wings of an eagle and the body, hind legs, and tail of a lion.


Grigori – Is the collective name for a group of angels who lost grace, they are also known as watchers.


Grypas – A creature with the head and wings of an eagle and the body and tail of a lion and symbolized the struggle against evil and witchcraft.


Hag– An ugly female demon that is an evil-looking old woman.


Harnesser – A mage who harnesses the elements to power his magic.


Hereditary Witch- Someone who has passed the skills of witchcraft down through his or her family.


Hobgoblin – A mischievous goblin.


Hobbit – A member of an imaginary race similar to humans, of small size and with hairy feet.


Hydromancer – magic to do with the element of water.


Incubus – A male mortal seeking demon or goblin, which seduce women.


Indigo children – Has special abilities including a strong sense of self-worth, non-conformity with society, high levels of empathy and curiosity, and a large degree of intuition.


Kappa – A water demon that lives in rivers and lakes and devours naughty children. I has the body of a turtle, frog limbs, and a head with a beak. Also at the top of its head there is a cavity with water as its head should always be kept wet otherwise it will lose its strength. While it is supposedly an aquatic creature, they are active on dry land.


Knight of Hell – The first created demons


Kodama – A peaceful spirit that lives inside certain kinds of trees. It is a small white and peaceful ghost. When someone tries to kill a kodoma or cut down the tree a kodama lives in, the aggressor will be cursed and many bad things will happen to him.


Kraken – A giant squid.


Leprechauns – A type of fairy, and well-known tricksters. If you catch him he is supposed to be compelled to tell you where his pot of gold is hidden.


Lernaean Hydra – A mythical water monster with many heads that resembled big snakes. When someone cut off one head, two emerged unless you burn the root of each head. Its blood contains poison.


Lich – A type of undead creature as a result of a transformation, as a powerful magician skilled in necromancy or a king striving for eternal life using spells or rituals to bind his intellect and soul to his phylactery and thereby achieving a form of immortality.


Lucifer: The name of Satan before his fall from Heaven.


Manticore – A monster with a lion’s body, a scorpion’s tail, and a man’s head with three rows of teeth. It would ask travellers a riddle and kill them when they failed to answer it.


Medusa – A beautiful virgin maiden with a head full of snakes rather than hair. Medusa’s ugliness was so hideous that whoever looked at her face turned to stone.


Minotaur – A creature with the head of a bull on the body of an extremely large, muscular man and dwelt at the center of the Cretan labyrinth, which was designed by Daedalus and his son, Icarus, at King Minos’s request.


Knotweaver – bind power inside knotted rope, and release it by cutting them.


Mage – applies academic scientific principles to learn and create magic.


Magicians – learn and create spells by reading Grimoires.


Medium – Someone that can connect to the spiritworld and commune with the dead


Necromancer – a person capable of raising the dark spirits of the dead for divination.


A mermaid – A mythical creature with the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a fish.


Nephilim – A being by union between angels and human. Their spiritual part now desires reembodiment.


Orbs – A spirit manifestations or the appearance of supernatural entities like angels viewed as a light.


Oracle – A messenger who receives their inspiration from God or his angels. Oracles are portals or mediums through which God is able to speak directly to them. Oracles are considered to be a source of wise counsel or precognition who delivers authoritative or highly regarded and influential pronouncements.


Orc – A member of an imaginary race of humanlike creatures, characterized as ugly, warlike, and malevolent.


Pagan- A dweller and follower of an Earth Religion. All Wiccans are Pagans.


Pegasus – a mythical winged divine stallion.


Pooka – A creature that assumes the guise of a malevolent horse.


Poltergeist – A manifestation of psychokinetic energy caused by a human agent. Someone without their own knowledge causing spontaneous bursts of energy that cause objects to move and occur when the agent is under some type of emotional stress.


Psychic- A person that can perceive spirits or supernatural forces and influences.


Pyromancer – Magic to do with the element of Fire.


Scrubber – A young woman of ill-repute whose parted legs are constantly in the company of men.


Seer – The magic of seeing into the future.


Sentinel – A huge robot with an array of weaponry ranging from frying pans to lasers. Most of his moves have almost no start up time and zero hangtime with the application of an advanced technique known as fast fly.


Sextus – The most good looking guy that everyone likes.


Shadow People – Are supernatural shadow-like humanoid figures that are seen mostly in peripheral vision and move quickly. They are dark entities with malevolent intentions.


Shape-shifters- or lycans,- They have the ability to change into the shape of other people, creatures, and other entities. They can change shape voluntarily or involuntarily.


Sorcerer – is able to cast more spells per day than a wizard of a comparable level.


Soucouyant – An the exotic black vampire. Some tales describes hideous-looking old woman by day who transformed to a gorgeous-looking young black woman by night resembling a goddess. She then seduced her victims with her looks and her dance only so she could suck their blood or make them her eternal slaves. It was also believed that she practiced black magic and voodoo, and could move fast after taking the form of a fireball or enter her victims’ homes through any hole in it, including cracks and keyholes.


Souls of the wicked deceased – Soul, which roam the earth to torment the living.


Sphinxes – A creature with the body of a lion and the head of a person.


Spirit Guide – A helpful being that assists a person along their path in life. The guides are, more often than not, an animal form or an undefined being of light or shadow. They arrive when they are needed, and depart after the lesson is learned. They cannot be forced or coerced into assisting a person.


Succubus- A mortal seeking female demon or goblin, which seduce men.


Tarasque – A dragon with a lion’s head, six short legs like a bear’s, an ox-like body covered with a turtle’s shell, and a scaly tail that ended in a scorpion’s stinger with bad intentions.


Titans – were a race of deities. They were members of the second generation of divine beings, succeeding the primordial deities.


Unicorn – A horse that has a straight horn growing from the middle of its forehead.


Vampire- The reanimated body of a dead person believed to come from the grave at night and suck the blood of persons asleep.


Vitomancer -These magicians draw power for their magic from blood or life.


Werewolves- A creature that has a combination of wolf and human features.


Warlock “darkened soul”; oath breaker arcanist, who creates “Pacts” with evil.


Wendigo Psychosis – A psychosis to eat human flesh. It is a cross between a human and a monster, something similar to a zombie. Only people who ate human flesh are at risk to become Wendigos.


White demon – A demon that is chief of staff.


White Devil – A white person who takes advantage of a minority. A thief.


Wizard – learns their magic by study and practice, rather than an innate ability.


Wraith – An image of a person appearing shortly before or after his/her death to be a harbinger of death.


Zombie- A will-less, speechless human capable only of automatic movement who is held to have died and supernaturally reanimated.


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