At the age of twenty-one, Abigail Blanque is a fun-loving, naive, and carefree witch, having the time of her life, partying and hunting rogue vampires for the Hybrid Coven. That is until she learns of a murderous stalker who’s been watching her every move.

After two witches are murdered, all signs point to Abby being the next victim. In a dangerous turn of events, Abby’s life descends into chaos and she must summon an extraordinary power she never knew she had in order to fight a dark evil that wants her dead. Abby knows her life is about to change.

Darkness is coming…


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What starts as a sweetheart’s paranormal romance ends in an angry kick-ass woman urban fantasy. And although the story is paranormal, in my heart it felt very real. Abby is an ordinary sweet witch girl, who helps her mother in her shop, supports her sister and makes time for her best friend, Danielle. Yes, she has her snarky attitude and her big boots on, but who knew she could harbour so much darkness inside of her.










Award Scoring

Message & Moral

3 points

After reading this story I get the feeling that one must live here and now, and appreciate the people in our lives. Friendship and family are important and what keep us happy – never forget that! I’m going to FaceBook my best friend right now to tell her how much I love her! It is good to sometimes get a reminder to ensure we don’t take things for granted. The story illustrates that no matter how good an individual wants to be, colossal grief can drive anyone’s mind to insanity and no matter how dark your heart becomes it is important to allow time and family to help you get through it.

I also feel that the complete message of this story is yet to be told as Winds of Change is only the prequel to the Delphine Rising Series.


Creatures & Environment

4 points

The three main characters are well described and you can feel the atmosphere surrounding them. As the setting is in a night club, in an apartment and on the streets of New Orleans,  they are scenes we are normally familiar with and will have no problem imagining. The two best friends exchange snide remarks and playful banter as two twenty-one year olds do and it was refreshing to almost feel like I was back in those days.

Angela portrays the paranormal from a witch’s perspective, hence witches are goodies and vampires are baddies, which is a welcome change from the all romanticised Twilight-vampires.


Captivation and Continuity

4 points

The story’s pace focuses on the characters and how they interact with each other, which makes their actions close to heart. Abby and Danielle have a side job where they hunt down rough vampires and the use of some spells is very interesting.


Ancients and Ancestors, we call upon thee.

Bless us with your powers

Us Witches Three.

Protect this sacred place

Where evil cannot dwell.

Strengthen our magic with this Blessed Spell.

A circle of Light only we can see.

So we have called it.

So shall it be.


The YA romance part of the story is one of the Twilight’s, ‘Its always been you,’ loves, where Abby and Danny have been watching each other for years and never acted upon their feelings as they didn’t believe they were mutual. Although they have known about each other in the story for a long time, when we first read about their love it moves fast and explosively. They form an instant connection where they seem to have been a couple like for ever. It would have been nice to have been indulged in their play of dance around each other before it was all in place. But maybe we will receive their story as a novella on the side 🙂 Hope, hope hope.


Language & Flow

3 points

The language is explanatory and clear with no difficult terms to follow. It was not a difficult read.









T.M. Caruana’s Grimoire Award







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