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Therese Åström was born in Gävle, Sweden, January 1983 where she grew up with her divorced parents Helène and Roland Åström. In 1995 it was Therese’s great grandfather that upon his death bed wished for her to carry on the family name, registered with the House of Nobility, that she changed it to von Wachenfeldt.

Her mother worked twelve hour shifts as a security guard to be able to provide for Therese and her brother, Jimmy von Wachenfeldt, in a house in the suburb just outside Gävle city. Times got tougher when her mother was diagnosed with cancer in October 1994, which taught Therese the stubbornness and independency she thrives from today.

Her father, also located in a suburb outside Gävle city, works as an engineer for a large paper manufacturing corporation. Her father later had more children in his second relationship to his fiancée Ingela Kernehed. Their children Oskar Kernehed, Matilda Åström and Isak Åström also grew up in Gävle.


As statute in Sweden, Therese started studying her first six years in Källöskolan, and her upper secondary school just a stone’s throw away at Källmurskolan. She started college at Vasaskolan with studies focusing on languages, however changed course and graduated at Borgarskolan where the focus was on economics.

In 2002 Therese was accepted into the economics programme at the University of Gävle. In 2004 she attended the Erasmus exchange student programme and completed a double degree of Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, recognised in the Netherlands and in Sweden. On her return to Sweden she thereafter completed the Masters of Science in Business and Administration.


In 2006 Therese ventured to seek employment abroad to satisfy her curiosity for her interest in the cultural differences experienced on her studies in the Netherlands. She looked for work in Great Britain and found opportunities in Gibraltar where she started working in the online gaming industry. The employment only lasted for six months as the working environment and the lifestyle in London, United Kingdom, were much too tempting. Relocating to live near Marble Arch in London she quickly realised the work/life balance shifted to eighteen hours of working and commuting with no time to spare for creativity and personal development.

In 2007 she relocated back to Gibraltar where the diverse cultures were a large source of inspiration. There she met her husband, Anthony Caruana, whom she married in 2011. They had their firstborn daughter in 2013.


Having always been a free spirit at heart, her dream had always been to write fantasy novels where she could have the opportunity to travel and manage her own working hours around family and activities. She also wanted to continue her career in the finance sector. In 2017 she completed her studies with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Alongside her studies she started working for IDT Finance Limited in 2010 as a Finance Chargeback Assistance and later was promoted to Accounts Receivable Manager and finally becoming the Head of Finance in 2015.








Apart from being a full time worker, student and a mother of a toddler, Therese managed to publish her first fantasy novel Symmetry in February 2014. In 2017 she decided to take up writing full time, kicking it off with the Science Series and subsequently she has planned to launch more books in the coming years.


In 2018, Therese had a son as well as commencing her journey down the route of also creating children’s books.





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