As a new investigator and guard of the Crimson Court, I’ve got a lot to prove. Like, I need to show that my mind-reading powers are actually useful.

So, when Balor, my alluring fae prince, wants to team up on a case, I jump at the chance. Only problem is, he’s still digging into my past. If he finds out the truth, he’ll banish me into the darkness. And away from his side.

Worse, a sorcerer is transforming humans into bloodthirsty members of the walking dead. The culprit is hell-bent on destroying London, no matter what the cost. If we don’t stop him–and fast–the dead will kill us all.

If Balor doesn’t discover the truth about me first.


Review: (Video review)

Having been introduced to Clark and her story when joining the Crimson Court, what was a romantic adventure has now turned to a dark thriller. I would like to think of the book as being in line with Twilight-Eclipse, however my mind sometimes sways towards the World War Z film. Just like in the first book, Live Fae or die trying, this story involves the romance drama that is Balor the smitter. I felt satisfied to finally find out Balor’s dark secret and this I found was the most enjoyable aspect of the book. I like the prophecy about Balor very much and that Caer delivers it with such mystery, with or without Clark’s consent. The secret was worth waiting for. It brings a new dilemma for Clark, which I can not predict the resolve to. We still also need to learn about what mysterious secret Clark is hiding from her past and that intrigue I hope will be revealed in the next instalment,  Bad Fae rising. I’m also expecting to learn more about Clark’s shifter abilities. I believe this book has a lot of interesting content for being a Paranormal Romance.



Award Scoring

Message & Moral

4 points

The Prince of Fae, Balor, still fights hard to protect the ones dear to him in all the ways he can. He wants all races to be able to live peacefully alongside each other and is willing to achieve this at all costs – well, perhaps not when it comes to one particular half-fae/half-shifter. Balor wants to strive to achieve a democratic court in which he will listen to its members.


Creatures & Environment

3 points

There weren’t many new characters in this book and it was set in London, as the previous instalment, hence there were little descriptions to guide the imagination. Luckily, Jenna can describe the characters and their surrounding in other ways. The most painted character that I enjoyed in this book was Kyle. He is described as a straight to the point, soda abusing geek that wears a pen behind his ear and a steady head on his shoulders. I would say he was the one who grew most on me.


Captivation & Continuity

4 points

The very strained tension of Clark and Balor’s relationship is what dominates the intrigues and draws my interest in this series. It is a forbidden love romance that has had to overcome many obstacles. The jealous mind-game that is Tiarnan is also exciting to unravel. No one can say that a supernatural army of the dead isn’t going to frighten you into sitting glued to the sofa for hours. I enjoyed this read and especially to see Balor make some use of his powers, even though his super sensitive smelling ability fails to detect the stank of Petrol, but it only shows that everyone is ‘human’. I have some predictions to the next instalment, but don’t want to make any spoilers, but I think we will get to know more about Clark’s history, which probably has to do with the hierarchy of the Silver Court.


Language & Flow

3 points

Jenna has maintained her writing style that makes the story feel fresh and exciting, I really enjoy the way Jenna portrays Clark and how she analyses situations with her strong attitude and sassy manner.








T.M. Caruana’s Grimoire Award







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