Blood Moon, black dragon and greedy pirates. With new legs to stand on, will Shabina learn how to break the sorcerer’s curse?

After a pirate attack on the Merfolk in Traitor’s Bay, which results in Shabina’s mother’s death, Shabina becomes the new protector of the Black Dragon amulet. In a shimmer, the amulet reveals that Shabina is the chosen one to face the sorcerer. She must break the prophesied sorcerer’s curse that is said to doom the world.

Her mother’s final advice before dying was to find Adda, but Shabina has no clue as to where to start searching for her. Before she has time to think, she is caught in Captain Raven’s net. How will she get out of her imprisonment and will she be able to follow her mother’s advice? Shabina is ripped from everything that is dear to her and her fate seems grim, but perhaps there is hope yet.

The prophecy also tells of an irresistible love, who would be the only one able to bind the evil sorcerer’s powers by a kiss of deceit.

“Raven, what is my purpose in life?”

“To kill the sorcerer.”









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