Blood Moon, black dragon and the hunt for energies. Will Libi collect enough strength to break the sorcerer’s curse?

In the forest, a young woman hunts for the most rare lizards known to the magic community. She must find a lizard that could be sold dearly and feed her and her Master for more than a week. Under the light of a blood moon she spots a black lizard, alike nothing she has ever seen before. Spending all night setting traps she finally catches it.

On a closer look she realises it isn’t a lizard at all, it has wings, claws and breads out small puffs of fire. It’s a black dragon. At the touch of him, an instant connection runs through her, empowering every bit of her magical core. Fully charged, her Master recognises that the prophecy has begun. A prophecy he has long hoped were dead. He fears he has much to tell her and much to teach her as evil will come to haunt her.

But the prophecy also tells of an irresistible love, who would be the only one able to bind the evil sorcerer’s powers by a kiss of deceit.


“I know my purpose in life is to kill the sorcerer.”








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