I’m Clark Cavanaugh: mind reader, bad-ass investigator, and half-fae with questionable taste in guys.

Just when I think life at the Crimson Court is finally calming down, a cunning stranger gives me an ultimatum. If I don’t find and kill a rogue vampire by the end of the week, my secret will be revealed to the world. Balor, my alluring fae prince, will finally learn the dark truth about my past.

Basically, I’m being blackmailed.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the fight for Balor’s throne is on. He needs my help, or he could lose his Court forever. But helping him means risking everything…

Now, I face an impossible choice. Do I stand by his side? Or do I run?


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The way Jenna writes about Clark makes the story feel very relatable with your heart bleeding for her dilemmas in life. Clark feels like such an ordinary woman, yet so original and special that no one could replace her. This is something Balor has to deal with as Clark’s light feet are on the run yet again. Her thoughts sway on her future being in the Crimson Court or if it is in solitude and on the run to be able to protect her secret. As a patron vampire shows up and demands blood, Clark has to take one of two decisions; either kill and keep hiding her secret or run and hope to be far away from Balor as the secret is unleashed. What will she do? While trying to get to grips with her Fae-Shifting ability, she runs out of time and finds herself in an even bigger problem. I love the Paranormal PI File books and this instalment didn’t disappoint. This is a highly recommended read.





Award Scoring

Message & Moral

4 points

Clark is faced with the moral dilemma of saving the alliance to the Crimson Court or herself. Helping others above our own comfort should perhaps be a message going out to more of us when we are aware of the poverty and suffering in the world. If everyone was more charitable rather than selfish the world would be a better place. Clark has not yet made up her mind as there is so much at stake; her home at the court, her belonging to a family of the fae and of course there is Balor. Not being selfish in this instance is a high price to pay.


Creatures & Environment

4 points

There isn’t much description of the people and the surroundings, but yet, Jenna makes you feel every adrenaline fuelled stare from the intense paranormal creatures through Clark’s eyes. It is a very real feel to this Urban Fantasy set in London. It is actually like the creatures could be lurking around in the alleyway shadows. I really like how Jenna has built up the two main characters, Clark and Balor, their individual lives, as well as the way they toss and turn in their relationship.


Captivation and Continuity

5 points

There isn’t a calm day at the Crimson Court. When the blackmailer pounds on Clark’s door and her secrets catch up I couldn’t put my Kindle down. The blackmailer wants her to kill someone, which would work against everything Balor is trying to build up. Could she keep yet another secret from him? Her life is falling apart and she needs to find a way to solve it all. The story was fast paced and intriguing. I will definitely pick up the rest of the books in this series.



Language & Flow

4 points

The language is explanatory and clear with no difficult terms to follow. It was not a difficult read. I like how Jenna builds up the suspense through Clark’s eyes. She has made Clark into a very interesting character.









T.M. Caruana’s Shooting Star Award







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