Trapped in the chains of Prophecy, two princes are destined for very different futures:

Lachan, the Blessed Prince, will save the Kingdom of Tiolar, and bring unprecedented prosperity to her people.

His older brother Darrow, the Cursed Prince, will stab their father in the back and bring the kingdom’s most hated enemies to occupy the throne room. Their paths are set, and none but the Gods can change what has been decreed by the Oracle.

None but Jaglandor, the Snow Dragon.

God of Chaos, Change, Destiny, and Calamity, Jaglandor takes the form of an avalanche and traps the brothers together in the Cave of Vapors during the sacred Night of Renewal. By claiming the Renewal, Jaglandor dooms the entire kingdom to suffer chaos and upheaval for the next twelve years. But the Snow Dragon’s claws are the only things that can break the chains of Prophecy and allow each brother to seize a new destiny. Forced to work together to escape the Cave of Vapors before the sun rises and traps them under the mountain, they forge a friendship that will transform not only their kingdom, but their entire world.


Review: (Video review)

This is the first novisode in the Mute Prince Saga. It exceeded all my expectations and went far beyond the Edge of great storytelling, leaving me with a sturdy book hangover. This Epic Fantasy is golden thread on a poetic tapestry. Cultures, pagans, and relationships colour every page, yet they don’t feel overwhelming. The world building is woven in an interactive pattern, were every breath of the wind and voice of the flower tells of their existence. The dilemma is properly propped up in this first instalment, where its intrigue would be irresistible for anyone to ignore. One could wonder how the author is able to create an interesting tale around a mute protagonist, but oh yes, she can. A boy that has been cursed; higher powers have stripped him from his speech, his father has unhorsed him (hence becoming dead in the eyes of the guards) and his uncle is determined to see him dead. He struggles to become the hero we all want to see. When it comes to the love drama that is always crucial to keep my interest I wasn’t disappointed either. The author gave enough away for me to figure out the problem with a straight forward happiness yet didn’t make the characters move any closer to a resolve. This story feels cool and majestic and I have high expectations on what is yet to come as the novisode ends on an abrupt cliffhanger.





Award Scoring

Message & Moral

5 points

The moral message in this first novisode of the story tells of a boy who is muted and mistreated so badly that it would make it hard for anyone in his situation to remain good. Yet, our hero, cursed to destroy his father’s kingdom, does anything in his power to maintain his honour. He focuses on the reason he wants to live, a determined young lady who makes his lips sore for her, and ensures to make good deeds one step at the time. This is a lovely message to emphasise how hard life can be and how one can still keep being good and try hard to help people.


Creatures & Environment

5 points

Normally, I like to read stories where the Captivation part is dominant. I like fast developing plots that keep one on the edge. Although this novisode had both, I couldn’t help being amazed by the creativity in the world that the author has created. It has so many elements, and they all feel relevant and important for the understanding of the people and their culture. In an old fashioned style, the characters possess names that show of their grandeur titles, where the King Rowan of Hammersmill (riding under the yellow and silver banner) and also known as the Sky King is wed to Queen Islean of Ravensmoor (riding under the red and blue banner) and also known as the Blood Queen. The king has his own guards and the queen has her keepers. The queen’s mother, Harkna, is also an Edge Warrior and a Wicker Mother. There are then twelve lords that have been sworn to allegiance with the Monarchy. One of the lords is featured in this tale, Lord Gibrian of Adelair (riding under the green and gold banner) and plays an important part to the Royal Famiy’s first born boy’s misery.


Captivation & Continuity

5 points

Hooked from the first page, the author skilfully introduces heartbreaking intrigues one after the other and also leaves breathing space to you can indulge yourself in the beautiful descriptions of the land of the Tiolar Kingdom. The newborn Blood Prince is cursed and is bestowed a terrible fate, when only a boy a few hours old. Muted and thrown to the wolves, he is abandoned to fight for his own survival. Mastering the song of the forest and its animals the unmade Prince finds his strength from a kiss. His humble manner and the well earned strength of his heart leads him back to where fate began, tied to it by blood in yet another heartbreaking dilemma. As his luck looks about to change it turns again for the worse before the author leaves the story in mid-action only to carry on with the engulfing action in her next novidsode. I am sure to pick this one up next!


Language & Flow

5 points

Maybe I haven’t read enough books yet, but this story is painted in a way I have never experienced before. All sentences blend action, wonders and a sense of presence as an extraordinary art. Even those times where no main action was happening, I still enjoyed learning about the richness of the saga and the way the author twisted the language. I will definitely keep this writing style in mind for when I write my coming Epic Fantasy novels.









T.M. Caruana’s Magic Circle Award







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