P.E. YoungLibby has traveled the world in pursuit of compelling, insightful and entertaining stories.  When not teaching fiction writing or crashing weddings in Borneo, motorcycles in British Colombia, or parties in the Cannabis industry this former law enforcement officer and award-winning author and screenwriter is crafting speculative fiction in the thriller, fantasy, steampunk and sci-fi romance vein.

Words from the Author

I had an early aptitude for writing because if I didn’t like what happened in certain episodes I watched, I would simply imagine a new ending or a more interesting plot twist. When I was eleven years old, I realized that there were so many cool things to do and be in the world, that the only way to get to them all in a single lifetime was to become a writer. As a writer, could be an astronaut, a pilot, a doctor, a detective, a spy, a biologist, a cowboy, a lawyer, or even a big black bull (I was a huge fan of Ferdinand).

I love discovering and inventing new worlds.  I love doing the research, whether it’s on contemporary crime syndicates, historical eras, or mythological and fantastical creatures.  I even went to the rain forests of Kalimantan (Borneo) to research The Gentleman.But if I had to choose one thing above everything else, I love developing complex, deeply flawed characters who struggle to overcome their own imperfections while at the same time striving to make their fictional world a better place.

As far as the actual process of plotting, I use the Atomic Story Method (That book is due to be released in June 2019).  I developed this method after learning about obligatory scenes from Larry Riggins while attending the UCLA Producer’s Program. It is the most powerful, efficient way I know to develop long-form fiction.

The Mute Prince series takes the common fantasy tropes of Prophecy and the Chosen One and flips them on their heads. The entire series explores the tension between accepting one’s fate versus choosing one’s destiny.  Another unconventional thing about the Mute Prince is the way that series is structured, since it is specifically designed to be episodic, like a binge-worthy television series, which is why I call them Novisodes. The action builds quickly and each ends on a cliffhanger.

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Blurb: Developed over ten years of teaching fiction and screenwriting, the Atomic Story Method is based on secrets learned at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television M.F.A in Screenwriting program. Written by a Nicholl Fellowships Finalist, Atomic Story breaks open the mysteries of how stories are structured on an atomic level, and lays out the fundamental building blocks used by award winning screenwriters and novelists to create a solid structure for any type of story, in any type of genre.