Title: Symmetry

Genre: Romantic Quest Fantasy

Series: Science Series Book 1 of 7

He looked at me as if he knew me. He took my as as if we weren’t strangers.

Susy finds herself deep within CERN, isolated with no recollection of her past. Her dear cousin and only friend, leaves unexpectedly and bestows upon her a mysterious key-like jewel as a farewell gift. His sudden departure drives her to escape from the facility where she encounters the members of the Honorary Knight Order.



Title: Chromosomica

Genre: Romantic Quest Fantasy

Series: Science Series Book 2 of 7

How can I fight in the arena blindfolded? And why can I hear the Tiger’s thoughts?

Despite the magical influences in her life, Lucy considers herself a normal girl. Her secluded childhood has left her hungry for adventure, which one day brings her into a new life and more than she ever bargained for. When the Honorary Knight Order becomes aware of Lucy’s existence, fear arises from ancient prophecies.



Title: Incipient Cipher

Genre: Romantic Quest Fantasy

Series: Science Series Book 3 of 7

To retrieve the Grimoire, I will get blood on my hands.

After having learnt more about life, Lucy begins to question the contradicting ideologies held by Leo and Susy. Which should she trust in? Without any knowledge of the potential dangers that could be unleashed, she is persuaded to retrieve an invaluable grimoire for Leo. A grimoire not intended for him. Passing the book over to Leo will ultimately determine the course toward one of the two ideologies…that is unless Susy has already anticipated these events and woven them into her wider master plan.



Title: Evolution Contract

Genre: Romantic Quest Fantasy

Series: Science Series Book 4 of 7

The world’s heirs signed the Evolution Contracts and never spoke of their secrets again.

Having survived the deadly sins on the journey to Tiger Blood Bay, Lucy finds the Book of Mass in its highly obscured location. Reading through the book she realises that the worlds, and Leo especially, are not ready to learn about its content. The script tells the tale of the worlds from their beginnings and also reveals the information Leo desires in exchange for the lives of X and Lucy’s daughter.



Title: Nexus of Kingdoms

Genre: Romantic Quest Fantasy

Series: Science Series Book 5 of 7

A prophecy hidden in a dream on replay haunts Duke. It tells of death to his soulmate. Revoking it have major consequences.

‘Twenty years have past and the three royal children who have waited to receive their souls are now revived. Leo’s son, Duke, keeps having a recurring dream that drives him into the hands of the Dream Shaper. It tells of a prophecy to which Leo has all the necessary skills to end, but doing so would be to the detriment of the vision he has been working all his life to achieve.



Title: Arakzeon City

Genre: Romantic Dystopian Fantasy

Series: Arakzeon City Book 1

Marcus would do anything for Magan…Anything.

Arakzeon City, a peaceful society where the Navitians and the Emphulettes live in harmony, after having made the Wiccors extinct, takes an ugly turn for the worse. Marcus is the son of Mayor Gustus Gravelleli, a man who has dedicated his life to politics and has this year decided to run for President. Having criticised controversial views on the two remaining races’ ability to coexist, Marcus remains but only a shadow in supporting his father’s career, especially as his childhood crush, Megan, is Navitian.




Title: The Last Wolf Fae

Genre: Romantic Urban Fantasy

Series: A Wolf Fae Saga Book 1

Compassion, love and rivalry caught between the battle of alphas and human politics. 

The larger, grey wolf pack hasn’t interfered with the endangered red wolf pack since the Blue Wolfprint Treaty was formed. This doesn’t mean that, as humans, they have to agree on issues of politics. Arguably, the world’s resources and humankind’s compassion are declining with rapid speed and the red wolf alpha, Alfred, wants a change. But at what cost?




Title: The Necromancer from the North

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Series: The Prophesied Sorcerer Book 1 of 4

Blood Moon, black dragon and six simple lessons. Can Zora stop the sorcerer’s curse?

During the Rite of Familiar ritual, under the decennial Blood Moon Eve, Zora is lined up on stage to connect with her spirit guide. She prays that she will receive a rare animal familiar, which will give her access to advanced magical abilities, but soon wishes that she could revoke her prayers when she sees the fear in her godly mother’s, never before, panicked face.



Title: The Enchantress from the East

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Series: The Prophesied Sorcerer Book 2 of 4

Blood Moon, black dragon and greedy pirates. With new legs to stand on, will Shabina learn how to break the sorcerer’s curse?

After a pirate attack on the Merfolk in Traitor’s Bay, which results in Shabina’s mother’s death, Shabina becomes the new protector of the Black Dragon amulet. In a shimmer, the amulet reveals that Shabina is the chosen one to face the sorcerer. She must break the prophesied sorcerer’s curse that is said to doom the world.


Title: The Wyswoman from the West

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Series: The Prophesied Sorcerer Book 3 of 4

Blood Moon, black dragon and the hunt for energies. Will Libi collect enough strength to break the sorcerer’s curse?

On a closer look at her hunted down pray, she realises it isn’t a lizard at all, it has wings, claws and breads out small puffs of fire. It’s a black dragon. At the touch of him, an instant connection runs through her, empowering every bit of her magical core. Fully charged, her Master recognises that the prophecy has begun.



Title: The Sorcerer from the South

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Series: The Prophesied Sorcerer Book 4 of 4

Blood Moon, Black Dragon Prince and three bloodthirsty Dragon Sisters. Will they find a way to defeat the Dragon Sorcerer and break the Black Dragon curse?

The three dragon sisters join forces to scour Earth for the prophesied sorcerer. Time passes and there are no signs of him. What they do not realise is that he already lurks amongst them. As the evil sorcerer observes the girls and learns about their powers, he fails to recognise his biggest threat – Love!



Title: DrakElla – Ransom of the Dead

Genre: Novella – Romantic Criminal Fantasy

Series: DrakElla Book 1

Caught between the law, love and a secret society, will Ella achieve justice? 

Catching supernatural crooks freelance, earns shitloads of money! Shitloads of money don’t mean safety though, and I knew today was going to be a rough day, with potential for a lot of violence. I hid my eyes behind the ‘Bad Boys’ sunglasses, shot Commander Procter a saluting finger with my pretend ‘Banger’ and headed down the corridor of the Supernatural Congress Unit’s headquarters. Case noted.



Title: Penelope – A Gibraltar Girl with a Twirl

Genre: Children’s Book

Series: Penelope Series Book 1



Title: Penelope – What shall I bake for daddy’s birthday cake

Genre: Children’s Book

Series: Penelope Series Book 2



A charming rhyming children’s book featuring a four year old girl’s development and learning.

Penelope experiences everyday life on the Rock of Gibraltar with her family as she enjoys new adventures and overcomes her fears.

* This book series contains some illustrations from the author’s young daughter, Penelope, who is the inspiration for this book.

Disclaimer: With the exception of the children’s books the authors books are aimed for readers 18+ and may contain violence, foul language and sexual content.