Miles Hudson’s Bio
Has been a school physics teacher, now the PGCE Physics tutor at Newcastle Uni.
Author of textbooks for schools: main publisher is Pearson, biggest titles being A Level and IAL Physics books for Edexcel exam board courses. Also BBC Bitesize, OUP, Kognity.
Inventor of the Best Fit Line Ruler. GCSE Examiner for AQA Physics.

Main passion is for writing fiction:
Future-set series of novels, starting with 2089 about a gently post-apocalyptic, Orwellian future England. You could say ‘sci-fi’, but it’s not really lasers and spaceships; ‘dystopian’ catches the themes well. 1984 meets Station Eleven, perhaps.

Also a series of detective novels featuring the duo Penfold and DS Tony Milburn. Based in Durham City CID, DS Milburn and his civilian foil, the kiwi surfer, Penfold, solve cases that take in high stakes such as murder and big heists, but in a very cerebral way. Holmes and Watson for the 21st Century, if you will. First novel was The Cricketer’s Corpse, then The Kidney Killer is next.