Life isn’t going exactly as planned. I’ve been kicked out of the Crimson Court and forced to move in with a grumpy and irritating (and gorgeous) shifter until I can prove to Balor that I belong with the fae.

Luckily, I have a plan. I’m going to take on Nemain, the dangerous fae who wants to steal Balor’s Court away from him. If I can stop her, maybe Balor will forgive the terrible things from my past.

But things take a turn for the worse when Nemain wields an ancient cursing stone against the entire Crimson Court. She’s cursed every fae in London to die, including Balor. If we don’t find a way to reverse it—and fast—everyone I know and love will end up in the grave.



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Clark Cavanaugh doesn’t like to be called Clark McCann, but lately that is how the Fae Prince Balor of the Crimson Court and the Fae Princess Nemain of the Silver Court sees her. To both, she is their biggest threat, but also their only salvation. It takes all of Clark’s efforts to fight off Nemain’s attacks and she finds that she isn’t the one that is one step ahead. Nemain has lived far longer than her and is an intelligent Fae that has lots of tricks up her sleeve, one being the Bullaun Cursing Stone. After Clark had been banished from Balor’s court, she still feels obliged to help. However, the pressing truth is that Clark has another option that nags on her mind, Ronan. The wolf-shifter is more than a good enough substitute for Balor…but he isn’t Balor. A life with him would be simpler, a life with Balor pure perfection. As she dwells on her choices she keeps trying to prove to Balor that she is a fae that belongs to his court and would do anything to save her family.

I liked this instalment of the Paranormal Pi Files for many reasons, one being the way Jenna has plotted out Nemain’s skilled attacks. She has ensured that Nemain truly understands that strategy works better on Balor than frontal battles. This makes her go straight for the kill and his biggest weakness. I liked Ronan and the interaction he had with Clark that was just a walk along the line of temptation. I also found the new subject of Morrigan Battle Cries intriguing. I hope this will be a fresh angle that brings exhilarating content for the fifth book.



Award Scoring

Message & Moral

4 points

The Prince of Fae’s most important task, which he has been fighting for since he came to power, is to keep his court members safe. Clark no longer falls under that protection for she has been banished. Whether or not that is Balor’s wish, he has to do what is right. The message of his honourable duty is clear, but also the voice in his heart. Now the question is, which of the two contradicting morals does he care the strongest for?


Creatures & Environment

4 points

“There is something about you Clark,” is what Balor has always said. In this instalment we find out something more about her heritage and it takes the story to new intrigues. There is also someone else who believes there is something special about Clark – Ronan. He lets her know of his standpoint and with his looks and his strength it drowns out the voice in Clark’s heart that is whispering Balor’s name. Jealousy isn’t a strong enough reason for Balor to lift his banishment though, and Clark finds herself fighting his battle next to Ronan.


Captivation & Continuity

4 points

I found the most interesting part of the book to be learning how skilled a strategist Nemain is. She is always one step ahead and it makes you feel sorry for Clark, but also excited that it isn’t just a cliched content where the heroine always wins. This fact was evident as she no longer had the power of Balor to fight by her side. She makes mistakes, big mistakes that cost lives and powers. This instalment held my attention all the way to the very satisfying end, leaving me absolutely wanting to pick up the next instalment as soon as it launches.


Language & Flow

3 points

The book contains some new content that gave depth to the story. I liked the twist it held and the way it is written you find instant sympathy for poor Clark. She still has troubles in shaking off the reputation from her past actions.








T.M. Caruana’s The Philosopher’s Stone Award







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