Book Series Description

The series has a main female protagonist who is a SUperSYmmetric (SUSY) force in human form and has the power to create mass. She is battling her views of physical existence with her mirror force Balinor, who has the power to create souls. As Susy is aware, from her future visions, that Balinor’s grandson has plotted against her to bring back Cosmica; a society of bodiless souls, she has resorted to a grand scheme to ensure the seven worlds future are secured. Although, she doesn’t have the power to control everyone and Balinor’s grandson is also skilled in scheming and overcoming Susy’s design; using forbidden spells and manipulation. Susy therefore leaves clues in prophecies to hand down to her daughter Lucia, (Lucy), who becomes the next pawn in the game. Lucy struggles with this role where she ponders over her views of the moral quandaries of the two theories of existence as well as her internal struggles of how her actions affect humankind.



Symmetry Blurb

Susy finds herself deep within CERN, isolated with no recollection of her past. Her dear cousin and only friend, leaves unexpectedly and bestows upon her a mysterious key-like jewel as a farewell gift. His sudden departure drives her to escape from the facility where she encounters the members of the Honorary Knight Order. They have searched in every corner of Earth for Susy and the map that will lead them home. In the completion of their quest they face many obstacles and challenges as they realise that Susy has lost more of her powers and memory than they had previously anticipated.


The Earth, affected by Susy’s extended stay, continues to deteriorate as the members of the Order hunt for the missing power stones, lost since the time of Susy’s kidnapping. Whilst on their journey, Susy struggles to remember her true connection to them, as they try to infiltrate her senses. Love and secrets delay the completion of the mission and concerns grow that the balance of life will not be re-established in time.




Chromosomica Blurb

Despite the magical influences in her life, Lucy considers herself a normal girl. Her secluded childhood has left her hungry for adventure, which one day brings her into a new life and more than she ever bargained for.


When the Honorary Knight Order becomes aware of Lucy’s existence, fear arises from ancient prophecies. An enormous responsibility is placed on Lucy’s shoulders, where she must search for her true inner voice to make the right decisions. Secrets amongst the royal bloodlines are still the cause of distrust, where everyone has their own agendas. Her increased understanding for the balance of life and magical abilities prompts Lucy into trusting in messages from an unknown source. These messages leave her unsure if she will regret her chosen actions.






Incipient Cipher

After having learnt more about life, Lucy begins to question the contradicting ideologies held by Leo and Susy. Which should she trust in? Without any knowledge of the potential dangers that could be unleashed, she is persuaded to retrieve an invaluable grimoire for Leo. A grimoire not intended for him. Passing the book over to Leo will ultimately determine the course toward one of the two ideologies…that is unless Susy has already anticipated these events and woven them into her wider master plan.









Evolution Contract

Having survived the deadly sins on the journey to Tiger Blood Bay, Lucy finds the Book of Mass in its highly obscured location. Reading through the book she realises that the worlds, and Leo especially, are not ready to learn about its content. The script tells the tale of the worlds from their beginnings and also reveals the information Leo desires in exchange for the lives of X and Lucy’s daughter. Having already prolonged the commencement of her duty to herd souls through the Overgrown Forest, Hakon pays Lucy a visit to remind her of her duties, as well as the dangers of making any deals with Leo. Lucy now has to decide if her best option is to take her place in the circle of life or defy it and possibly fall straight into Leo’s trap. Arriving at the crucial moment where she must choose, her determination is weakened by new information regarding X, which she missed when reading only parts of the grimoire. Will Lucy decide to tamper further with the future, or will she take her place leading the train of souls and leave life to its destined fate?






Nexus of Kingdoms

Twenty years have past and the three royal children who have waited to receive their souls are now revived. Leo’s son, Duke, keeps having a recurring dream that drives him into the hands of the Dream Shaper. It tells of a prophecy to which Leo has all the necessary skills to end, but doing so would be to the detriment of the vision he has been working all his life to achieve. Leaving it to run its course will jeopardise Duke’s life, which is the reason that his father does not want him to have any knowledge about it or Lucy’s daughter, Luna. His mother, on the other hand, won’t stand in his way as she has made a promise to Susy in the Evolution Contracts to not interfere with his choices of love. Leo finally makes his request of service known to Nick, who thereby quests to the Spiritual Mountain. To comply with their agreement, Nick must make the last ingredient available to enable Leo to summon the Rainbow Night Children. The success of the mission is now dependent on Nick’s righteousness. Will Leo finally be able to cast the summoning spell? And will Susy be saved from Limbo? The hunt for a peaceful utopia continues.