Haunted by an amber-eyed gaze that stirs his blood, dragon shifter Saberthorn sinks into darkness while he pursues his enemy. The witch he’s vowed to destroy, may be his only salvation.

Is she his enemy …
… or salvation?

Only a soul mate can save him from turning rogue and setting humanity on fire.

When Saberthorn’s niece is murdered, his cry of vengeance is heard far and wide. In days he’s eliminated all responsible, except one. The witch he seeks eludes him. Ten years later, on the verge of losing his humanity, a portal opens. Saberthorn’s dragon roars.

Could it be her?

The hunt is on. But when his amber-eyed enemy knocks him on his rear with a well placed fist, a deep craving awakens. Could there be more to this female than meets the eye?

Hang on tight as you soar with sexy shifters because this powerful tale of love will leave you breathless.


Review (Video review):

This was my first read of a Dragonkind/Dragon-shifter story, and god how I wonder why it took me so long. The thrill of the power that was called upon to either completely shift or half-shift into a dragon was amazing. It felt so raw, so hot and so passionate. What starts off as a dark and melancholic story turns into the need for love and belonging between Tirah and Saberthorn. The way Sheri-Lynn manages to describe their passion makes it feel as if it is the strongest force in the world. Absolute Destiny. Secrets, magical light and burning revenge are only the beginning of what I believe to be a great start to a captivating series.



Award Scoring

Message & Moral

4 points

In this story Saberthorn learns to not be so quick to judge others and to listen to his gut instincts. He had sought for revenge for more than a decade and instead finds love. The message of love is very strong. Some people just belong together. Do real soulmates exist? Well, this story has me believing it.


Creatures & Environment

4 points

The creatures are very well described and their reputation solidly built up. The hierarchy, the people and the realms are built up so that you understand the chaos and conflict. The dangerous are highly dangerous and the feisty ones are very feisty. You get to follow both Tirah’s and Saberthorn’s agonies before they meet and it makes it all the more rewarding when you can indulge in a resolve that defies all odds. I also really liked the brother side-kick Zalesthorn, who seems to be a genuinely nice guy. I call dibs on him!


Captivation & Continuity

4 points

As Tirah is unwillingly forced to help murder a beloved healer Dragon-Shifter, her life takes a turn for the worse…as if it needed to get any worse. She says farewell to her enslaved mother and has to live on the run, not just from her mean brother, but also from a revengeful dragon, who has got a whiff of her and is on her heel constantly. This is an exciting chase and the emotions of both individuals have a lot of depth to make you understand their worries and fears.


Language & Flow

4 points

I enjoyed reading this story and found it a light read. There is some sexual content that made me blush from time to time, but nothing a minutes breather couldn’t fix.








T.M. Caruana’s The Shooting Star Award







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