A young descendent of a true witch, Sophia discovers her familial curse can only be cured by entering a world of shifters, fae, and vampires who want her dead.

Sophia’s ancestor’s body went missing after a Salem Witch Trials hanging. Now, over three centuries later, Sophia is cursed, and the only way to free herself is to find out what happened to her ancestor’s body.

As Sophia uses magic to find answers, she unknowingly paints a supernatural target on her back, making herself a beacon for creatures of the night. And they won’t stop hunting her until they’ve collected what they want.

There’s one man who might be able to help her, but when Sophia finally decides to trust him, his own secrets place them both in more danger.


Review (Video review):

I never knew what a Forever Girl was until I read this book, and let me tell ya, I liked the concept. This story has a personal feel, yet it is so supernatural and filled with magic. I like the way that Rebecca has portrayed the protagonist, Sophia, as well as her coincidental romance Charles, who is not what she might have thought of at first glance. Love, betrayal and grief all feature in this thrilling paranormal romance story.







Award Scoring

Message & Moral

3 points

The moral of the story is that of trust…or not trusting those who are closest to you. People might not be what they seem, and people that you have known for your entire life could still have deep dark corners of their heart. It also tells us of the strong power that is love and how it can conquer all, even if two people have been brought together and fallen in love against all odds.


Creatures & Environment

4 points

Rebecca has a lot of knowledge of the supernatural spirits and magic and that shines through in this book. The characters all have their own ticks and quirks that make the story feel real. The environment is also vividly painted and I could almost suspect that she has visited the place.


Captivation and Continuity

4 points

The twists and actions this book takes begin when she is taken to a club, which she normally would not go to. Blood, magic and broken friendship pour out of its doors and now Sophia’s life will never be the same. My favourite part, as always, is when Sophia first meets Charles and how he goes through all means to keep Sophia protected. This romantic engagement always gets me turning those pages.


Language & Flow

4 points

I was surprised to not read any sexual content in particular and wanted to have been tempted that little bit further, although I appreciate a good book that isn’t littered with sexual innuendoes. The book had a good pace and swapped between the thrilling chase and the calm surrender of love. The language was not hard to read, which made it extra easy to turn the pages.









T.M. Caruana’s Grimoire Award







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