The Sword of Truth series follows Richard Cypher, a young woodsman intent on tracking down his father’s murderer. His quest will take him far from home, embroiling him in an ancient war, three-millennia past, that is about to re-ignite with world-shattering violence.

‘The greatest harm can result from the best intentions.’ Richard Cypher and Kahlan Amnell ignore Wizard’s Second Rule at their peril.

Richard Cypher’s battle with Darken Rahl has torn the veil that separates the world of the living from the Underworld, freeing the Keeper’s minions to stalk the land. To repair the veil, Richard will be forced to confront the true and deadly nature of his inheritance and Kahlan will be forced to betray the man she loves.

Alone with the terrible truth of what she has done, Kahlan must forge an army and battle a new threat that is even now scouring the land, determined to eradicate the corrupting taint of magic once and for all. But even that may be easier than winning back the heart of the man she loves.


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After having finished book 1: Wizard’s First Rule, I doubted that Terry Goodkind could make another book as brilliant as the first – I now have no doubt. The Stone of Tears ticked all my boxes regarding things I like to read. It has magic, love, intrigue, good imagination, a strong sense of purpose, and all of this during a highly elaborate quest. I can’t fault the way he ties together his plot with his world and character building. It is astonishing. My favourite parts are Richard Cypher’s rigid beliefs and his relation to Kahlan. Although Richard keeps threatening to kill anyone and anything, he seems to place genuine care into his promises. The exhilarating and time chasing agendas filled with friendship and hardship makes the overall story one to remember for a long time.




Award Scoring

Message & Moral

5 points

The moral message of being honourable and fighting for what is right; love and survival, is entwined with the play on the character’s psyche. We have encountered rule one in book 1 The Wizards First Rule and now we learn the second; The greatest harm can result from the best intentions. This is the curse of Richard Cypher’s life where he is constantly trying to do what is best, but because people are keeping secrets around him, the result tends to make matters worse. The various moral arguments put forward in this book are the base for a compelling read.

  1. Given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe almost anything. People will believe a lie because they want to believe it’s true, or because they’re afraid it might be true.
  2. The greatest harm can result from the best intentions.


Creatures & Environment

5 points

There are various people with different cultures as well as environments featured in this sword and sorcerer quest fantasy. You come across characters such as the Mud People, the Mother Confessor, the Prelate in the Palace of the Prophets, Sisters of the Light, the gar Gratch makes an appearance again, Scarlet the red dragon, Nathan the Prophet and many many more. All these characters have their place for a reason and are well described. One of my favourite charters is Du Chaillu, a no-nonsense, robust woman. She sees things plainly and has no trouble expressing things bluntly, claiming Richard as her husband as she sees fit.


Captivation and Continuity

5 points

Richard Cypher starts having uncontrollable headaches and this is when three Sisters of the Light show up and claim that they can help him if he puts on a collar, the Rada’Han so that he will be able to control his Han Magic. Richard who has just got off his Agiel put there by the Mord-Sith Denna refuses to be controlled by magic again. Kahlan, who should be the most powerful being in their world, is gullible as always and naively believes Sister Verna’s lies of how important it is to bring Richard to the Palace of Prophets to receive help. She emotionally black-mails poor Richard to go against all he believes in and put the collar on. After this, Richard needs to make the journey to the Palace of the Prophet whilst Kahlan needs to find Zedd. She encounters war and death on her way. Prophecies on how it will all end haunts them, BUT prophecies, as we all know, can be interpreted in many ways and have been told for many reasons. Now it is up to them to figure out the truth.

This was a story that kept my attention to the very end and even when it ended I wanted to know what happened next.


Language & Flow

5 points

The descriptions and details for all the characters and the places they visit are amazing. Terry Goodkind could have his own dictionary now with all the things he has created in his story. This is why I love this series. I love the fact that it challenges and adds to my perception of real life and makes it into an adventure I almost feel a part of.







T.M. Caruana’s The Magic Circle Award









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