There is only one thing currently on my supernatural to-do list: get the murderous, sociopathic new Queen off Balor’s throne.

Problem is, she’s banned every single fae in London from even speaking to us. Worse, a dangerous magic has exploded from my mating bond with Balor. It speaks of a strange, dark, shared past that neither of us can remember. One that echoes violence into the present.

All we can do is keep on fighting and searching for the truth. The supernatural world is on the brink of war. And if we don’t stop it soon, blood will paint the streets.


Review: (Video review)

What started as a flirtatious power battle between a half-fae who wanted to be free and a fae prince who wanted her to join his court has turned into a deeply romantic saga. Their relationship has the passion and loyalty that would make anyone envious. Unfortunately for the love birds, they have more than themselves to think about and are forced to fight against Nemin, who has taken possession over the Crimson Court. What I like the most with this series are the character traits of Clark and Balor and how they interact with each other. It is a concept that could transpire in any event and any crime investigation.



Award Scoring

Message & Moral

3 points

Balor still feels a great sense of protection toward all his fae and his relentless struggles to do all he can to save them is admirable. Clare is also struggling to learn who she is and how to deal with it, which may be something she will need to accept help with in order to overcome.


Creatures & Environment

3 points

This is an urban fantasy and the action is set in London. I love how Jenna has integrated the every day life with the supernatural and how her characters have grown in their own roles. We are just starting to understand how large Clark’s role is in the entire plot and I found the twists exciting.


Captivation & Continuity

4 points

I found the action as captivating as always where the fae are chased around London’s streets to dodge sorcerers, vampires and evil humans.


Language & Flow

3 points

Although I did enjoy the story, I did find this instalment more rushed than the others and would have enjoyed a bit more detail. I am looking forward to reading the sixth and final instalment to see what will happen to the fae.








T.M. Caruana’s The Spell Wand Award







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