FACE THE CROSSROADS OF OUR TIME. Hundreds of years from now we have spread out in space. Mankind thrives on a terraformed Mars, in orbital cities on Venus and in pioneering colonies on Jupiter’s moons under the unified banner of the Solar System. Enclosed habitats reach the stratosphere with stacked cities. An omnipresent and benign artificial intelligence operates in integration with our nervous system. Fusion reactors provide infinite energy, and gravitational drive engines allow men to dominate their solar system.

Lieutenant Newton´s future as an officer at the Solar Armada seemed bright and predictable. Maybe a little too predictable. Everything is about to change when an unprecedented cosmic event shocks the solar worlds. A spectacle of light and energy that will shake the foundations of our civilization. A call that cannot remain unanswered. Mankind will pursue the trail of life and be forced to look into an unforgiving mirror. We will undertake a journey that will shape the future of our species across time, space and beyond. A defining moment like others our ancestors underwent, but this time we will not be alone.


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An intricately designed story that questions the ‘mind over matter’ concept. Lieutenant Newton oversteps his boundaries resulting in omission from what he considers the most important mission in his life…or even in human history. He is the most qualified to pilot the spaceship Gilgamesh to investigate a recent cosmic abnormality, but he isn’t going, or so others may believe. Carl Newton’s behaves within the law but manages to find a way to satisfy his goals. This Space Opera Novel is rich in descriptions of several levels in the Universe, Earth in 100 years time, Mars, the Moon and Jupiter after they have become habitable, the Mirage and the 3rd Planet. So there is a lot of description, some exciting and some less necessary. My favourite part of the book was the space race between Carl Newton and two other rivalling pilots which was brought to life well. I also liked to read about Newton’s relationship with his girlfriend Nadia’s parents. AND let’s not forget Daisy who I think was the star of the story, with her AI system putting some humour and care into the bittersweet. I found the part where Newton visits the Mirage; a virtual world, less relevant to the plot of the story. When Newton meets Diana the story picks up in events again. This was a solid book with many aspects to read and would probably be enjoyed by those who likes Star Wars or the Foundation Series.



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Message & Moral

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The book debates whether people should be more grateful with what they have instead of curiously always seeking for new and more lucrative adventures. Newton’s father is arguing that people should try to find peace within and when walking in nature when attempting to persuade Carl not to go on the space mission. Newton refuses to see reason with his father’s arguments and wanst to follow his own dreams, however possible.


Creatures & Environment

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My favourite character was the AI system in Carl’s space ship, Daisy. It added an element of humour in the book, but also a taste of how our way of life could be in the future. The relationship Lieutenant Newton has to his old comrade Dr Raman is also a lovely connection to follow. I did find other characters a bit dry and Carl’s relationship to his girlfriend Nadia tedious, although I appreciated that their relationship wasn’t a perfect match.


Captivation & Continuity

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Due to the depth and volume of the descriptions I found myself losing focus some of the time, but there were some events that I thoroughly enjoyed reading about. I loved the space race and the adventure Newton had on the 3rd planet. I think that when reading this book the reader should be in the mood of reading about how technology could be shaped in the future and not expect full blown action all the time.


Language & Flow

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The language was easy to read, however there was some head-hopping in the chapters, which made it harder to connect with the characters.









T.M. Caruana’s The Invisible Cloak Award







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