I am proud to present my Team who are my shining STARS in the abyss of Author Events.


Editor – Sally Dixon

Sally is a very valued member of my team. Having a B.Sc and a B.A. from UK universities, as well as having completed a year’s Postgrad, she transforms my pre-edited books into solid stories. She helps me not only with grammar, but with the perfect meaning of the word I’m trying to express, advising when the story needs more or less explanation and condensing my sentences until they are powerful and intriguing. Sally’s knowledge and inspiration is also based on her adventures abroad and although she was born and grew up in the South-East of England, she has lived in many different countries including the US, the Middle East and Europe and nowadays she lives in southern France.


Book Cover Artist – Tiziana Frederica Ruiu

Tiziana has been creating amazing book covers for me since 2015 when I had just published my first book, Symmetry. She designed the key with the power stones which I immediately fell in love with. Not only is she fantastic to work with, delivering gorgeous images on short deadlines, she is also the most wonderful person who always encourages me and never makes me feel bad if I ask her to change the design to what I have had in mind. Her awesomeness doesn’t stop there, she has been working as concept artist for the new movie “Cats” directed by Tom Hooper – She is practically famous!


Book Cover Artist – Erika Elmefors

Erika is an old friend of my since our childhood and a brilliant Swedish designer who creates unique and highly exquisite artwork inspired by Swedish landscapes and cultures. She has more than 15 years of experience in art, showing in her perfected skill and it has attracted many clients, unions and other organisations. It was a joy to work with her when she made the book cover for The Last Wolf Fae in my Wolf Saga Series. She has also designed some pre-made book covers for me that I can sell on her behalf, so if you are interested in purchasing any of her PRE-MADE STOCK BOOK COVERS you can find them here.


Social Media PA – Alicia Freeman

We instantly connected. Alicia was active at work from the word GO. She researched all my Social Media accounts and engaged straight away. Her attitude is super positive and always friendly. She suggests promotions and carries them out on my behalf, organises her work and displays it on a shared Trello Board so that I know what she is doing, and when, as well as tagging me in everything she can.


Co-Writer – Helene von Wachenfeldt

2020 will be the year my mother and I will always remember as an exciting book year. One morning she Skyped me with eagerness that she had dreamt an entire story overnight and she just had to write it down. My mother and I are very close and who better to co-write with than my own mother. We have now been hard at work outlining the story, creating maps, researching historical facts and plotting twists. I am very much enjoying this collaboration and hope to be able to release this book in 2021.






I’m also on the look out for more stars to help me shine even more. If you are a driven and proactive individual who enjoys reading my fantasy books and feels interested in promoting them by performing any of the following services, please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.


Book Review Hunter 

The candidate shall search for Book Reviewers, Bloggers and other sites who do Free book Reviews or Author Interview Reviews and liaise with them and send them my book or answers to interview questions. I have an ARC Team Group on Facebook and a Booksprout account that can be used as tools for this purpose. If the individual contributes to the publication of a book review or interview I will pay you £2/each. (The successful candidate can not offer to pay for a review. The candidate is allowed to use the same contact for more than one book.)



Book Fair Representative 

The candidate shall research where there are local book fairs and enter them as a representative of me as an author and sell my books and swag, which I will provide as well as the items for the stand such as tablecloth banners, posters and business cards. I will pay £25 per event + you earn 50% of the profit (after deduction of printing and shipping costs) of the books and the swag you sell during the event.



Book Ad PA 

This candidate would set up Amazon, Facebook, Bookbub etc campaigns and monitor their progress. I will expect this candidate to have (or be willing to research and learn) extensive knowledge of the algorithm and ways of successfully running these campaigns. I will pay 15% of the Royalties earned in these promotions according to dashboard reports.




Patreon or Vocal Creator Account Manager

The candidate shall represent my work, post excerpts from my books, write about author progress, engage with the followers and write short stories about my characters or any other ways to catch the attention of followers. You will earn 80% commission on what is earned on those sites.




Etsy Shop Account Manager and Designer

The candidate shall manage my Etsy shop by designing and setting up new products and marketing them on Social Media. I will pay for the £0.80 charge per item per month so you don’t lose any money from doing this if you don’t sell. You will earn 50% of any royalties from sales of the products. I have linked Printful to my Etsy shop so you will be able to choose from the sell on demand swag they have. You are allowed to link other suppliers to the account if you feel that Printful’s stock is limited. If you know of any other ways of creating swag on demand this will be desirable. I will link the products to my product catalog on my website to help you sell them.