Science Series - Character Personality Quiz

Which of the seven worlds in T.M. Caruana’s fantasy Science Series novels are you from?

This 12-question quiz will reveal your origin if you were a character in the book series. This is a fun and free quiz that has no scientific background or conformity with reality, and doesn’t commit you to anything. If you wish to know more about the author’s work visit You can subscribe to the author’s free mailing list where you will receive email updates of her publications and events. You can also support her by leaving a review on Amazon if you read one of her books.



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Driving your car you spot an elderly man dressed in rags and dragging his wounded leg along the road. What would you do?


Two of your friends call you at the same time asking for help whilst you are at a family member’s birthday party. What do you do?


You have been confronted regarding an issue that you advised on, after results show you were wrong. What do you do?


You are walking down a dark alley with your family when a mugger attacks you. What do you do?


You have just met your newfound love. Although you have not been together for long your partner askes for your hand in marriage. What will you answer?


Your friend has come into serious trouble on the other side of the world and asks for you to travel there to help. What do you do?


Three of your friends have decided to go skydiving on an important national holiday and have asked if you want to join them. What do you do?


You receive a phone call with a great offer on an all inclusive five star holiday if you sign up right there and then. What would you do?


You are going on a cave tour with your family and are supplied with multiple safety articles, which appear excessive for the task. What do you do?


You and a large group of co-workers have completed a job for a client and as thanks you receive a large box of chocolates. What do you do?


You win the jackpot on the lottery. What do you do with it?


You live in the suburb not too far away from your work and have a family of four members. You need to replace your car. What car would you buy?

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