Evolution Contract

Having survived the deadly sins on the journey to Tiger Blood Bay, Lucy finds the Book of Mass in its highly obscured location. Reading through the book she realises that the worlds, and Leo especially, are not ready to learn about its content. The script tells the tale of the worlds from their beginnings and also reveals the information Leo desires in exchange for the lives of X and Lucy’s daughter. Having already prolonged the commencement of her duty to herd souls through the Overgrown Forest, Hakon pays Lucy a visit to remind her of her duties, as well as the dangers of making any deals with Leo. Lucy now has to decide if her best option is to take her place in the circle of life or defy it and possibly fall straight into Leo’s trap. Arriving at the crucial moment where she must choose, her determination is weakened by new information regarding X, which she missed when reading only parts of the grimoire. Will Lucy decide to tamper further with the future, or will she take her place leading the train of souls and leave life to its destined fate?




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