Nexus of Kingdoms

Twenty years have past and the three royal children who have waited to receive their souls are now revived. Leo’s son, Duke, keeps having a recurring dream that drives him into the hands of the Dream Shaper. It tells of a prophecy to which Leo has all the necessary skills to end, but doing so would be to the detriment of the vision he has been working all his life to achieve. Leaving it to run its course will jeopardise Duke’s life, which is the reason that his father does not want him to have any knowledge about it or Lucy’s daughter, Luna. His mother, on the other hand, won’t stand in his way as she has made a promise to Susy in the Evolution Contracts to not interfere with his choices of love. Leo finally makes his request of service known to Nick, who thereby quests to the Spiritual Mountain. To comply with their agreement, Nick must make the last ingredient available to enable Leo to summon the Rainbow Night Children. The success of the mission is now dependent on Nick’s righteousness. Will Leo finally be able to cast the summoning spell? And will Susy be saved from Limbo? The hunt for a peaceful utopia continues.




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