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Mystery, passion, magic and the fringes of science fiction meld together in Symmetry, the new novel from author Therese Caruana. An original telling of an apocalypse foretold and an enlightening quest that sees her young protagonist questioning the facts and fictions of her known world. It’s an ambitious tale, both in terms of scope and action that Caruana tells with confidence. Her characters are aptly formed and interesting in their roles with her main protagonists subtly conveying their otherworldly origins through multiple narratives and perspectives. It is certainly an intriguing read, with her judicious use of poetry and biblical reference adding a beguiling depth of mystery. A read that doesn’t suffer from complexity of plot, which is easy to envisage and might easily be transitioned to wider mediums. 

Written as the first book in her Science series, Symmetry marks a notable debut for author Therese Caruana and is sure to spark interest in her coming books. It is definitely recommended. In the spotlight.

Read and pass on

I have started one of those read and pass on to see how far my book will travel. I am excited to learn about its adventures and hope that the readers send me a picture of them in the world. I have started by sending a copy with a friend to Poland. Let’s see how it goes!









Book Fairs

WHSmith book fair


Thank you to Suzanne and the organisers of the WHSmith book fair and signing in Casemates. I had an enjoyable day and met a lot of great people.

World Book Day

World Book Day 2019


World Book Day 2018

Thank you to the organisers of World Book Day 1st of March 2018 in John Mackintosh Hall. You had made a great effort with the Harry Potter room. And a special thank you to the local author Mark Randall. It was a pleasure to meet you and hear all about your adventures.








World Book Day 2014

Thank you to the organisers of World Book Day 6th of March 2014 in John Mackintosh Hall. You had made a great effort with your exhibition.











Thank you The Chronicle for the nice comment in your paper.






My Poems

Fishing net

Life’s happiness is like a fishing net,

The moment will slip through if you forget,

Remember to cherish moments big and small,

And who’s there to pick you up as you fall,

Success and richness is nothing on its own,

Ensure not to find yourself with it and alone.

Young Angel’s end

Our tears fall when angels fly,

Young angels, not born to die,

It is one soul’s unfair fate,

In a Universe where salvation was too late.


The grief is greater than one could bear,

A future seems grim and filled with fear,

I wish you comfort and peace in my pray,

And to all those left on Earth to stay.

The letter of my heart

Bless it be, bless it be,

Please surrender now, hear my plea,

Let your heart keep its flame, keep it burn,

And stay not, but wait for my return.


Ask not to build walls around my heart,

If we break chains we will always part,

No soul of true lovers love stronger,

If only apart for minutes it will feel longer.


Eternal time does not exist,

Journey, but return before fog becomes mist.

I take your promise as I take your hand,

If no return I will search you between every grain of sand.


I will not rest any day of my life,

I swear I will find you and make you my wife,

Bless it be, bless it be,

I will then hear your plea.

My heart’s affection

A soulmate with the same heart’s inspiration,

Unlimited possibilities to a utopian creation,

Give me a warm completeness to a wide extent,

Make me safe, happy, completely content.


Make me see, learn, feel every day and every hour,

To make me strong, grow from a seed to a flower,

When scattered fear so clear like a starry night,

You bring calm like a landscaped sight.


When obstacles make me stumble, crash and fall,

To know you’ll be there to help me through it all,

To carry each other when time makes us weak,

We will comfort, support, be cheek to cheek.


You are my north, south, east and west,

Identifying my soul and needs far the best,

All these things I found in you,

Our love is real the love is true.


I will not think ‘what if?’ and ‘why?’

I know I will love you until I die,

No future time spent will be spent apart,

You live within me and ache in my heart.

Judgemental Mind

Your judgemental mind closes your eyes,

To be enlightened; separate truths from lies,

Pass beyond the unawareness lane,

Integrity overcomes fear and pain.


Seek compassion within a spiteful mind,

Spirits erecting evil are never far behind,

Brick by brick hate is building its sturdy wall,

Recuperate your mind for love conquers all.

Old Man’s Tale

An old man’s tale is worth being told,

His wrinkles hide wisdoms in every fold,

Wearied limbs from chasing dreams,

Loss of sight from past visions’ gleams.


Tired bones used strength from passion,

His skin has worn a century of fashion,

Grey hair from days under the sun,

Droopy smiles from years of fun.


Loud songs of bravery given reduced hearing,

Teaching, planted seeds and children bearing,

His exposed old heart learned to love deep,

His experienced mind puts hatred to sleep.


Brick by brick laid by now aching hand,

To build our life on every piece of land,

The wisest young, raised with keen ears,

Yet caring for our elders; society fears.


Want to know what I am up to? Follow me and you will see!