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Writers’ Guide for Beginner Authors – In 10 Steps

This is a guide for people who are dreaming of becoming authors, but don’t know where to start. It will take you through 10 easy steps on what you need to think about when starting out. Complement this with my other YouTube Tutorial Videos that I host on my Channel and it will take you to the next level.


Terms & Conditions

These documents contain contents that are documented after T.M. Caruana’s experiences and are not a complete reflection of all aspects within becoming a successful author. These tips and tricks are only her opinions and any user will need to assess how they can apply to their author career. These documents are only supposed to serve to aid the beginner author on what they could think about before they start writing.

These files are used at the user’s own risk and T.M. Caruana takes no responsibility of any inaccuracies or any financial loss in occurrence with these guides and templates. If you are not sure about how to use them it is advisable that you refrain from using them.