A furious King crusades across land and sea, seeking the Queen he was promised after she escaped him. Slaughtering her people, the High Priestess’ family and an entire lineage of women who were said to be personally blessed by their God, Virun, the King managed to abolish the Vrasur People and the threat from the great magical powers they possessed.

Meanwhile, a woman who is unaware of her importance, dwells in the kingdoms’ fold. Torn out of her nurse’s arms as a child, she was told to learn all she could about the seventh daughter’s seventh daughter and the Three Ring Ritual necessary to channel the blessing and an enormous power source from Virun.

In the pivotal time and in the greatest hour to behold, 

the seventh daughter’s seventh daughter will unfold.


Co-Author Heléne von Wachenfeldt

As T.M. Caruana’s mother I have encouraged my daughter to start writing stories. I have always loved reading myself and have had many books on the bookshelves in our home. Over the years, I have been asked if I should also start writing. Something I always said no to. But then one morning I woke up with a whole book in my head. I told my daughter about it and after many ifs and buts we decided to make a book together. It was a fantastic and rewarding mother and daughter project with many wonderful moments filled with many laughs. Our book has been titled “At the Kingsdoms’ Fold” and we hope readers find it enjoyable.

As an established ancestry researcher, Heléne has recently written a non-fiction book about the churches in a suburb in Sweden so to write a fantasy book was a completely different style than what she is used to. Her research is fascinating and has been collected from original sources in church books and letters.

Book Trailer

Liam will trace the criminals and Gullam kills with the touch of his hand, Sara glamour their faces and Chassia hides the scene inside thick fog.

Nothing to see, no witnesses – is justice served?

At the Kingdoms' Fold copy


Where in the world will you take your mind? Perhaps you are with Liam and Kate in the Cave of Mercy at the Kingdoms’ Fold.

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