Panther Protector Series

Chaos and turmoil throughout the panther shifter nations breaks out as Sadie’s sousing Elgort overthrows her kingdom only two weeks after her father’s death. She is forced to escape into the human world where she stumbles across a handsome billionaire who turns out to have nothing to lose but her. Her heart wants a peaceful life with him in the human world, her pride wants to return to the panther shifter world to claim back the kingdom which is rightfully hers.


Panther’s Protector Series

Sadie hides in the shadows as cousin Elgort ransacks her castle, overthrowing her only two weeks after her father’s death. Able to flee through a portal to the human world, she looks for help and stumbles into Sebastian; a handsome billionaire. 

Her heart whispers for her to stay in the human world and live with Sebastian in peace, but her pride beckons her back to Amithia to claim back the kingdom that is rightfully hers.