Supernatural Detective

Novella Series


Ransom of the Dead

Caught between the law, love and a secret society, will Ella achieve justice?

Catching supernatural crooks freelance, earns shitloads of money! Shitloads of money don’t mean safety though, and I knew today was going to be a rough day, with potential for a lot of violence. I hid my eyes behind the ‘Bad Boys’ sunglasses, shot Commander Procter a saluting finger with my pretend ‘Banger’and headed down the corridor of the Supernatural Congress Unit’s headquarters. 

Case noted. 

A scandalous Mayoral daughter gone missing after a drunken birthday party night, a ransom note and a very unhappy Mayor. Not good for elections, the government nor the SCU. Granteor didn’t tolerate supernaturals in society and finding a missing girl among vampires, without revealing my own identity, added to the danger when having to tip-toe around the Defence Officer, Ricky and the nosy reporter, Jacqueline.


One Night Bite

Case noted!

The Supernatural Congress Unit have lost their minds if they think I want to take on a case babysitting the Prince of Angora until his father’s murderer is captured. He may be handsome, powerful and rich but babysitting isn’t my job. He is a grown man and should be able to protect himself.