I’m delighted to announce that you can now purchase the entire series in one boxset!

The Dragon Assassin Academy series is a set of three books that tell the story of Jade, an earth walker who saw her father being murdered and becomes a spy who enters the Dragon Academy. There, she needs to rely on her magic and wits to survive.

A human spy is sent to kill the Dragon King.
A scorching attraction becomes a deadly forbidden love. 

I lost my father in the last attack against the dragon shifters. The Academy Council decides that my pain and hatred against their kind make me the perfect undercover agent, so I'm sent to live amongst murderers. My handlers believe that wars will end if I can kill the Dragon King.

I believe my hate will be enough to keep me focused on my mission. Then, I meet my teacher, Billy—brooding, sexy, and alluring. I think he suspects me, and I know I'm playing with fire. If he discovers my secret identity, I'm dead.

But everything crashes down on me when a long since buried secret comes to light and I find myself in-between two sides of a war.
As danger threatens everything I care most in life and an expected event changes my heart and soul forever, will I be able to stay true to my ideology and stop the century hate between two races who should join forces to fight a common threat?

Find out in this exciting complete series! 

The Dragon Assassin Academy box set is perfect for readers who love dragon shifter stories with intense action, exciting plot twists, forbidden romance, thrilling adventure, and plenty of steamy moments. 

Pick up your copy today to start your journey through this thrilling paranormal world!

* Contains violence, sexual content and foul language

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