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New Release

Book 6, Common Land in the Eternal Quest Breaker Series has just gone LIVE!

Nick’s deal with Leo proves to be as devious and costly as predicted. A quest to the Spiritual Mountain causes him to lose more than his dignity.

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Fantasy Books

The Eternal Quest Breaker

Romantic Quest Fantasy

7 Books Series

He looked at me as if he knew me. He took my as as if we weren’t strangers. Susy finds herself deep within CERN, isolated with no recollection of her past. Her dear cousin and only friend, leaves unexpectedly and bestows upon her a mysterious key-like jewel as a farewell gift. His sudden departure drives her to escape from the facility where she encounters the members of the Honorary Knight Order.

The Prophesied Sorcerer

Paranormal Romance

4 Books Series

Blood Moon, black dragon and six simple lessons. Can Zora stop the sorcerer’s curse? During the Rite of Familiar ritual, under the decennial Blood Moon Eve, Zora is lined up on stage to connect with her spirit guide. She prays that she will receive a rare animal familiar, which will give her access to advanced magical abilities, but soon wishes that she could revoke her prayers when she sees the fear in her godly mother’s, never before, panicked face.

A Wolf Fae Saga Series

Urban Fantasy


The larger, grey wolf pack hasn’t interfered with the endangered red wolf pack since the Blue Wolfprint Treaty was formed. This doesn’t mean that as humans they have to agree on issues of politics. Arguably, the world’s resources and humankind’s compassion are declining with rapid speed and the red wolf alpha, Alfred, wants a change. But at what cost? What will happen to the Last Wolf Fae?

Arakzeon City

Romantic Fantasy


Arakzeon City, a peaceful society where the Navitians and the Emphulettes live in harmony, after having made the Wiccors extinct, takes an ugly turn for the worse. Marcus is the son of Mayor Gustus Gravelleli, a man who has dedicated his life to politics and has this year decided to run for President. Having criticised controversial views on the two remaining races’ ability to coexist, Marcus remains but only a shadow in supporting his father’s career, especially as his childhood crush, Megan, is Navitian.


Detective Fantasy

Novella Series

Caught between the law, love and a secret society, will Ella achieve justice? Catching supernatural crooks freelance, earns shitloads of money! Shitloads of money don’t mean safety though, and I knew today was going to be a rough day, with potential for a lot of violence. I hid my eyes behind the ‘Bad Boys’ sunglasses, shot Commander Procter a saluting finger with my pretend ‘Banger’ and headed down the corridor of the Supernatural Congress Unit’s headquarters. Case noted.
Children’s Books
A charming rhyming children’s book featuring a young girl’s development and learning. Penelope experiences everyday life on the Rock of Gibraltar with her family as she enjoys new adventures and overcomes her fears. The book series contains some illustrations from the author’s daughter, Penelope, who is inspired by her mother’s work. It is a project close to heart as it brings them both together to enjoy the world of wonders in their created stories.

The time spent with my daughter as we create our stories is priceless.

About the Author
In 2002 Therese was accepted into the economics programme at the University of Gävle, Sweden. In 2004 she attended the Erasmus exchange student programme and completed a double degree of Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, recognised in the Netherlands and in Sweden. On her return to Sweden she thereafter completed the Masters of Science in Business and Administration. In 2006 Therese ventured to seek employment abroad to satisfy her curiosity for her interest in the cultural differences experienced on her studies in the Netherlands. She work in London, Great Britain before she in 2007 relocated to Gibraltar where the diverse cultures are a large source of inspiration. Having always been a free spirit at heart, her dream had always been to write fantasy novels, but he also wanted to continue her career in the finance sector. In 2017 she completed her studies with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Alongside her studies she rapidly climbed the career ladder into becoming the Head of Finance in a bank in Gibraltar.

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